Livingstone Electrics are OLEV approved installers, qualified to install any type of electric car charging point, for domestic or commercial installations.

 Working with one of the top retailers in this environment ROLEC Services Ltd to offer top quality equipment installation and service, this can range from your domestic on the wall type with tethered leads incorporating the Yazaki connector ranging from 16A to 32A, or commercial type which can again be used on the wall or a pillar. These can also have built-in meters so that the point can be paid for by the customer, these also come in 16/32/63A single or 3 phase supplies.

Due to working with a top brand like Rolec we can offer different chargers to suit your needs.

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The government is pushing for us to move towards the electric car, the reason for this is by 2050 the government plans to reduces its greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. This is why all the leading car manufactures have developed an electric car and the benefit for the customer at the moment is no road tax, no congestion charges and advantage of overnight charging on cheaper energy rate, also there is £5000 off the purchase off a EV car.

Livingstone electrics, alongside Rolec, are able to offer part-government funding for all domestic chargers and there are some available for the commercial side as well.

  • Qualified to install all types of electric charging points.
  • Fully insured.
  • Can be installed in domestic, commercial and on high ways.
  • Livingstone electrics is working closley with Rolec to offer the best product for all situations.
  • Government grants available (restrictions may apply).

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